An Overview of the Ebara Pumps Range at Prochem Pumps

Few people beyond the borders of Japan’s capital city are likely to have heard of the Inokuty Type Machinery Office. The company was founded in 1912 and was destined to become a giant international manufacturing corporation, albeit under a more recognisable name. Among its many other accomplishments, in 1920, the newly established corporation produced the first of its extensive range of iconic Ebara pumps.

The Japanese manufacturer’s worldwide success stems from its founding philosophy of “Netsu to Makoto”, which translates as “Passion and Dedication”. This motto has paid dividends, earning the company the status of a world leader in its field. On a more practical level, the company’s winning philosophy accounts for its excellence in the following three key areas.

1. Products of Unsurpassed Quality

Pumping equipment frequently places a vital role and must often operate uninterrupted for long periods, transporting highly corrosive or abrasive liquids. Consequently, all Ebara pumps are manufactured to the very highest international standards to ensure they will survive these exacting conditions.

Interruptions to production can be costly, as can repairing or replacing damaged equipment, so it pays to install the best. Enjoying these precision Japanese machines’ exceptional durability and anti-corrosive properties may require a slightly higher initial investment. However, their robust construction and resulting longevity are backed by comprehensive warranties, making them a highly cost-effective option.

2. Energy-efficient Products

As local electricity tariffs continue to escalate and worldwide concerns about global warming reach an all-time high, industries can no longer afford to ignore the importance of conserving energy. Ebara pumps are known and trusted throughout the world, not just for their robust construction but also for their energy-efficient performance. These high-performance machines offer the perfect option for any company seeking to extend its sustainability profile or simply wishing to reduce its running costs.

3. An Extensive and Versatile Product Range

No other company can claim to equal the extensive range of products developed by this Japanese giant. The company has expanded into other fields such as waste incineration, exhaust abatement and ozone gas generation. However, its core business remains the development and manufacture of Ebara pumps suitable for a growing and diverse range of applications.

The product range includes models for underwater use such as extracting water from wells and boreholes or for drainage applications. Included among the numerous units reserved for use on the surface are self-priming, single and twin impeller, and multistage models. Fixed and variable boosters, circulators and in-line models for pipeline systems are also available. Optional monitoring and control systems, designed to automate the start-up and shut-down of one or more units, complete the comprehensive range of industrial, commercial and domestic Ebara pumps and related accessories.

Ebara Pumps

Product Users and Uses

A means to transport liquids is a common requirement in many industrial and commercial applications. For example, coal mines are subject to continuous flooding from surrounding aquifers, threatening their production and the lives of underground workers. Consequently, the constant use of reliable dewatering equipment can be vital. Furthermore, the most cost-effective way to transport the coal through its various processing stages is to prepare a slurry and use a pipeline. The most reliable way to meet each of these needs is to install dewatering and slurry pumps from Ebara Pumps.

Slurries are a feature of several industries, including agriculture, where recovered animal waste and rotting vegetable matter provide a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Many farms also obtain water for livestock and irrigation from boreholes or dams. Consequently, they must also rely on pipelines and the means to keep their contents on the move. Once again, this leading manufacturer offers a choice of world-class products to help the world’s farmers perform each of these tasks reliably and cost-effectively.

Ebara Pumps pressure boosting pumps can be an invaluable aid in areas affected by low municipal water pressure on the domestic front. They are also a tool of choice when necessary to ensure adequate water pressure on every floor of a high-rise apartment or office block or to fill a sprinkler system’s storage tank located on the roof. One can also find this company’s products at the poolside, circulating the water through the weir and filter system to keep it clean.

Where to Buy Them

A world-class product requires a network of world-class suppliers. When shopping for pumping equipment in South Africa, join some of the nation’s leading companies and check out the range of Ebara Pumps, alternative brands and locally manufactured products available from and expertly maintained by Prochem.


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