From the Shadoof to the Modern Industrial Pumps Manufacturer

The need to transport drinking water from rivers and lakes to their primitive dwellings drove early humans to seek labour-saving solutions. At first, they fashioned carrying vessels from animal skins and wooden buckets. In Ancient Egypt and parts of the Middle East, a simple device known as a shadoof marked the first attempt to mechanise the process. Many moons later, a renowned Greek scientist developed the Archimedes Screw to become the world’s first industrial pump manufacturer.

Some Typical Applications for a Chemical Centrifugal Pump

Pumping equipment relies on several different types of mechanical action for its functionality. Some models utilise a plunger or piston to draw in and then discharge a liquid, while others might emulate the peristaltic action of the intestine by compressing a flexible tube to keep its fluid contents in motion. A third variety employs the rotational force generated by a fan-like device with curved vanes, an impeller. Typically, the latter mechanism is responsible for the centrifugal pumps' action widely used by the chemical industry in numerous applications.

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