Finish Thompson Diaphragm Pumps

Benefits of the Finish Thompson Diaphragm Pumps

Due to their efficiency and accuracy, diaphragm pumps are used for filling, dispensing and metering. As they are extremely versatile, they are also used in a number of industry applications where fluid transfer is required.  Taking versatility into account, the Finish Thompson range of diaphragm pumps can be used in almost any application as they offer reliable and durable solutions for mild to corrosive chemical handling.

Why Choose Finish Thompson Diaphragm Pumps?

FTI Air diaphragm pumps

Safe Design

There is safety in the design as these pumps are driven by compressed air which means that they do not require electricity or any fuel. Basically, these diaphragm pumps run “dry” without damaging any internal parts or destroying the design and, as there are no lubricants used, they do not stall or get clogged. They run for longer periods without damage ensuring that the production line continues to run smoothly.


Due to their unique design, Finish Thompson air operated diaphragm pumps are able to transfer liquids with low, medium or high viscosities as well as liquids with suspended solids.  They are also able to handle many aggressive chemicals, such as acids, as the outer materials used can be varied as well as the materials used for the actual diaphragm. Due to the smooth pumping mechanism, they are well suited for shear sensitive fluid applications.

Easy to Install and Simple to Operate

The rugged and durable design makes them ideal for the harshest applications and installation conditions. The simplicity of the lightweight and portable design allows them to be used in multiple locations. They are easy to dismantle, repair, clean and maintain, unlike other pumps with more complex construction.


In most fluid pumping applications, the pumps have to be placed above the level of the water, allowing air into the line which can lead to challenges such as overheating and operation failure. Being self-priming, fluid can be lifted from a level below the pump and is capable of evacuating air from the suction line without external auxiliary devices before any liquids are moved.

Versatility of Installation

Most air diaphragm pumps are installed for flooded suction, meaning that they are either partially or completely submerged. The Finish Thompson diaphragm pumps are capable of both submerged and suction lift applications where the pump is installed above the liquid providing more versatility of use.

Maintaining Economical Function

Compared to other positive displacement technologies, they are very economical. The modular design has individually replaceable lower-cost wear parts and requires no special tools. As most machinery of this calibre requires continuous maintenance, the simplicity of design makes maintaining them easier and at a much lower cost. There is also less wear on them compared to other mechanically-driven types due to the balance of pressure from the compressed air.

Unique Air Valve Design

A lubrication-free, non-stalling air valve is what provides uniqueness to these diaphragm pumps making them ideal for various applications and environments. As it is our goal to save on money and downtime, the air valves have fewer parts compared to others on the market which reduce maintenance and costs and make them more reliable.

Various Applications

The applications for diaphragm pumps are many and include use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, to name a few. Chemical industries use a wide range due to the different characteristics of chemicals and fluids. They can handle the most flammable, aggressive, viscous and abrasive fluids with ease.

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The benefits continue with the accessories available to complement your pump. Pulsation dampeners will provide protection to piping, valves and fittings; spill-stop captures leaked products due to diaphragm failure and automatically shuts down the pump to eliminate costly repairs; a compact integrated designed filter/regulator which saves space and piping.

Simplicity, safety, flexibility and versatility are what you can expect from Finish Thompson diaphragm pumps. The only decision that you need to make is which model to choose.

From the simplistic and modular design to the intricate, yet simple, inner workings of Finish Thompson diaphragm pumps, Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers will be able to assist you with installing yours. Contact us or view the brochure to find out more about this unique product and so much more.

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