Prochem Chemical Pumps – Your Number 1 Choice for Centrifugal Pumps for Sale

Centrifugal pumps for sale are a popular pick for those needing to transfer liquids, and they are utilised in a vast range of industries and applications. Our centrifugal pumps for sale are specialised devices that are created to transport fluids by means of converting rotational kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy. The energy is rotated by the driven rotors inside the machine. These are also known as impellers. As the fluid enters these impellers, it is cast outside by the centrifugal force. A wide range of industries and applications make use of centrifugal pumps in order to transport fluids from one location to another. Some of these key industries that use our centrifugal pumps for sale include:

Where and Why Metering Pumps are Used Metering pumps are specifically designed for the movement of specific volumes of fluid within a particular time frame. With the technology, it is possible to get an exact flow rate, which can be adjusted. The process is often referred...

A Closer Look at the ProMinent Metering Pumps for Sale

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of metering equipment and a wide range of chemical handling, filtrate, and centrifugal pumps in South Africa, we also offer ProMinent pumps for sale. With a history dating back to 1987, we have, over the years, expanded our product range to also include gear range, sump, and air-operated double diaphragm pumps from top brands in the industry. To this end, we take a closer look at the metering pumps for sale from the ProMinent brand.

Top Applications of CHEMSTEEL Pumps

As a leading manufacturer of chemical and related pumps in South Africa, we have extensive experience and knowledge regarding the top brands and the best units for specific applications. We are thus in the perfect position to partner with and choose to supply superior quality equipment from top brands, such as Oberdorfer. To this end, we introduce the wide range of applications possible with Oberdorfer CHEMSTEEL™ pumps.

Save Energy with the Durable Ebara Water Pumps for Domestic and Industrial Applications

As a well-established and trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pumps and related equipment, we understand the importance of quality and durability. Japanese technology has long been trusted because of the precision manufacturing and superior functionality of industrial equipment from the country’s manufacturers. As a South African-based firm with a history dating back to 1987, we have developed a proven track of excellence. When we thus, as part of our comprehensive product portfolio, supply Ebara pumps with their superior Japanese technology, we do so with pride and confidence.

What Are Spindle Pumps and What Are They Used For? When reviewing the long history of mankind’s efforts to draw water from its source for use elsewhere, the first mechanical means of doing so is generally attributed to Archimedes. However, the true inventor appears to have been an Egyptian and may have preceded the Greek mathematician, astronomer, and engineer by as much as a century. Still widely referred to as an Archimedes Screw, it consisted of a rotating spiral structure which fitted tightly inside a cylinder. A distant predecessor of modern spindle pumps, it employed much the same principle. Turning the screw-like insert caused water to be drawn into the cylinder and raised further with each subsequent rotation. In fact, these more compact modern counterparts of the primitive device are often referred to by the more descriptive title of screw pumps.

How Metering Pumps Work and Some of Their Common Uses Most people will be fairly familiar with the day-to-day use of pumping equipment. It is used to supply the water to our homes and offices and, in the case of high-rise buildings, additional units are used to ensure that the water pressure is sufficient even for those housed on the top floor. On a commercial scale, it is used to carry crude oil from wells to distant refineries, while the chemical industry makes widespread use of such equipment to perform their various processes. However, somewhat less widely recognised is the role played by metering pumps which, nevertheless, are important to several aspects of our daily lives.

Prochem Dosing Pumps: The Best Way to Inject Chemicals Into Water, Steam, or Gas Dosing pumps are specially designed devices that are able to inject chemicals and other substances into gas, steam, and water. They are often small pumps and are able to provide users with a very specific flow rate, which offers the operator total control. Dosing pumps are utilised in a variety of industries and are a critical component of any type of dosing system. Dosing systems are equipment which allows for the automatic injection of chemicals and substances into wastewater networks and they depend on dosing pumps for ultimate accuracy. Thanks to the precision of our dosing pumps, users can obtain exact flow rates every single time – and this allows for total accuracy every time as well.

Drum Pumps: A Safe and Efficient Way to Transport Liquid Substances Drum pumps, also known as barrel pumps, are portable devices that are efficiently and safely able to transfer fluids and chemicals from drums, storage tanks, and barrels. They are placed on top of the barrel or drum and enable the easy removal of liquids without users having to manoeuvre and tip heavy equipment or risk chemical-substance spills. Drum pumps range in size and style, depending on users’ needs and can be found in an array of popular industries, including chemical factories, manufacturing companies, automotive shops, processing plants, and more. They are even utilised in the healthcare industry for procedures such as kidney dialysis.

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