The Many Important Uses for Dosing Pumps

The need to accurately measure and dispense a fixed volume of fluid is quite common and is encountered in many types of human activity. An instance that many people have recently experienced is the use of a hypodermic syringe to draw the small but precise quantity of the COVID-19 vaccine with which they were subsequently injected. This principle is similar to that of dosing pumps. Although some may differ significantly in their operation, these devices all employ a means to measure and dispense uniform, pre-determined volumes of liquid as required.

The Use of Spindle Pumps in Ancient and Modern Times

Aptly named, due to its long and relatively narrow design, the vertical spindle pump may be a present-day device, but its origins are buried deep in ancient history. During a visit to Egypt in around 234 BC, the Greek mathematician, engineer and inventor, Archimedes observed a rotating helical device used by locals to raise water from the river Nile. Some authorities have suggested that bronze water screws, cast 350 years earlier, may have been the irrigation mechanism used to sustain the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Ensuring the Precise Measure with Dosing Pumps

The ability to measure precise quantities of various materials plays an essential role in our daily lives. For example, many who enjoy watching TV chefs at work will be sure to jot down the precise amounts of each ingredient of a dish that takes their fancy. Likewise, if you have ever had an injection, the nurse or doctor will have carefully measured the dose with a syringe. In many industries, precise metering is also essential and typically relies on the use of dosing pumps.

Spindle Pumps – Their Origin, Operating Principle and Common Applications

Of the wide range of pumping equipment in use today, only two types can trace their origins back to the era of the ancient Greeks. One is the Archimedean screw, which is still used in some parts of the world today. The other employs the same mechanical principle as that primitive device which, it has since emerged, was first developed by the Egyptians, and only copied by Archimedes, is the vertical spindle or sump pump.

A Closer Look at the Benefits and Operation of Mag-Drive Pumps Ever since the days of the "shadoof", a primitive lever-and-bucket device employed in Ancient Egypt to transfer water, and the more efficient "Archimedean screw" that followed, the use of pumps has grown steadily. Today, all...

Understanding the History, Operations and Materials of Today’s Centrifugal Pumps for Sale

While it bore little resemblance to the sophisticated centrifugal pumps for sale today, pumping equipment has been around, albeit in rather a simple form at first, for about four thousand years. The earliest recorded use of such equipment was in Ancient Egypt, where it was used to transfer water from the river into suitable containers. Today, the modern descendants of those primitive devices are both more complex and more powerful, not to mention more diverse, in their design and the principles underlying their operation.

Why You Need to Look at Our Drum Pumps for Sale

Drum pumps for sale are portable devices that are specially designed to facilitate the effective and safe transportation of liquids from storage tanks, drums, and barrels. There is a wide range of models available on the market and available configurations will vary depending on the type of container being used and its size, the particular fluids that are being pumped with the drum pumps, and the level of power that is available on-site. Our drum pumps for sale are made up of a motor, a specialised emersion tube, and of course the pumping section that does the hard work. When drum pumps are used to transfer medium or low viscosity fluids, pump operators might opt to also employ centrifugal pumps in their operation. These applications are versatile in nature and can be reconfigured and adapted as and when needed.

The Benefits of Ebara Pumps for Sale – Choose These Innovative Models Today!

When it comes to quality, value, and durability, you simply cannot go wrong with our range of Ebara pumps for sale. This powerhouse of a brand is based in Tokyo, Japan, and they are well-known for their superior-quality pumping solutions. When it comes to industrial and domestic water pumps for sale, they are certainly in the know and will not disappoint. Their specialised slurry units have also become a popular pick for many clients and are utilised in a range of industries, including agriculture and mining. Slurry is a mixture of both water and manure and is used in the agriculture industry as a natural and cost-effective fertiliser. These slurry units are also a popular choice in the processing, pitting, and construction industries.

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