How Centrifugal Pumps Can Be Use For Your Household

Centrifugal Pumps for Household Use

The urban populace is growing at a very rapid rate and with that, the need for housing has quadrupled over the years. Hand in hand with the need for additional housing is the ever-growing demand for essential services, one of which is access to water. The problem with this is that the existing infrastructure for carrying water to households cannot cope with the rise in demand. Additional pipelines can be put in place. However, the main municipal water sources remain the same. So, how does one ensure that the water supply to households remains constant? The water supply needs to be given a boost so that there is constant water pressure throughout an entire household. This can be achieved through centrifugal pumps.


The Technical Side

A centrifugal pump induces flow or raises the pressure of liquid which results in a pumping action. This is achieved through an impeller that comprises a set of curved vanes. These vanes rotate when submerged in water and with it the water. By doing this, it builds up a centrifugal force to the water particles and forces the water out. Referred to as hydraulic pumps, centrifugal pumps are used in over 85% of domestic and industrial applications. The biggest advantage of a centrifugal pump is its simplicity. It doesn’t require any valves or many moving parts making it easy to produce with different materials. It can also move at high speeds with minimal maintenance.


Centrifugal Pumps Can Boost Your Municipal Supply

Relying on municipal water comes with its own set of problems as it can be erratic at best. There is nothing more frustrating than low flow pressure from showers and taps. Making sure that you have a constant high flow pressure rate throughout the house can be achieved by installing a centrifugal pump. The result is that you can turn on more than one water outlet without having a problem with pressure.


Choose an Alternate RouteCentrifugal Pumps for sale

As the demand for municipal water increases, many homes are seeking alternative water sources such as boreholes or rainwater harvesting. Boreholes are drilled to extract water from water tables or aquifers deep below ground thereby ensuring an adequate water supply. To access the water from a borehole, a centrifugal pump is essential as it transports the water from the borehole depth through the horizontal distance and ultimately to ground elevation which is where the water is needed.

Rainwater harvesting is becoming a more reliable water source in both urban and rural areas. In fact, more and more rural areas are reliant on them as access to municipal water is scarce. The concept behind rainwater tanks is to harvest rainwater into a sizeable container for household and irrigation use. As with boreholes, a centrifugal pump is used to carry the water from the tank through a piping system providing pressurised water for the home. The same considerations need to be taken into account such as distance and water pressure requirements.


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Bringing Water into and out of the Home

A centrifugal pump is multi-faceted as it not only serves the function of supplying water to a household but is also used to drain water from the home. During the rainy season, there are low-lying areas that are prone to flooding which, in turn, can cause structural damage. A submersible centrifugal pump, commonly referred to as a sump pump, then comes in handy as it can be submerged in water. Through an effective draining system, the water is funnelled into a sump basin where the centrifugal pump will remove the water to the nearest drainage point through a series of pipes. When the water level reaches a certain point, a float will be activated and the water will be pumped out of the sump basin through the pipes to a distance away from the home.

From supplying water to fire protection systems and hot water circulating services, centrifugal pumps have become essential in our day-to-day lives. Whether for household or industrial use, Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers have been leaders in pump manufacturing for over 30 years. Our services and products range from entry-level systems to more advanced for demanding applications in industry. Contact us to find out more about our cast iron, stainless steel and Hastelloy C centrifugal pumps or Call us for more information +27 11 392 1800.

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