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Why you need our centrifugal pumps for sale

The world is currently experiencing a water crisis, and its effects are becoming increasingly evident in South Africa. Due to the naturally semi-arid conditions prevailing in many parts of our country, potable water reserves are being stretched to the limit as demand from all quarters increases. Many households are turning to boreholes as a hedge against impending shortages. Forcing water to the surface from deep below the ground is just one of many tasks for which the range of centrifugal pumps for sale has become invaluable.

In areas free of industrial contamination or agricultural waste, water from underground aquifers can be sufficiently pure to drink with little or no further treatment. However, even where this is not the case, borehole water has many alternative uses. It offers a means to reduce the demand for municipal supplies while helping eco-conscious consumers to save money. An average borehole will be somewhere between 50 and 80 metres deep. In practice, a surface-mounted unit would be sufficient to extract the water. However, one of the submersible models of centrifugal pump for sale will perform the task more efficiently and consume less power. So how do these devices work?

The core component of these units is an impeller, which resembles a fan with oddly-curved blades. One or more impellers are mounted on a shaft driven by an electric motor. As the impeller rotates, it draws in water along its axis. The blades then accelerate it, increasing its pressure and directing it towards the unit’s outlet, assisted by the geometry of the pump’s casing. The electric motor’s power and the number of impellers determine the performance of all types of centrifugal pumps for sale. However, the casing and impeller designs also influence the applications for which these devices are best suited.


Domestic applications of centrifugal pumps for sale

Overall, this type of pumping equipment is most suitable for tasks requiring high flow rates, and the fluids to be transported are not excessively viscous. In the home, they offer an ideal means to circulate the water in swimming pools or provide a boost to taps and showers in areas where the pressure of the municipal supply may be below average.

Another type of centrifugal pump for sale for household use can be invaluable in areas where flooding is common, especially in homes with a basement. In such cases, a semi-submersible unit is generally adequate. Only the impellers and casing enclosing them are submerged, while the motor is located well above the waterline on an extra-long driveshaft. Typically, these units operate automatically, relying on a float switch or sensor to detect rising water levels and activate or stop the motor as indicated.


Industrial applications of centrifugal pumps for sale

Regardless of the many domestic uses, it is in the industrial sector that most of the applications for these versatile centrifugal pumps for sale occur. Among the primary users of these devices are the municipal water treatment plants. These companies rely on their action to propel the treated water through kilometres of underground pipes and deliver it to the nation’s homes and businesses.

However, water is not the only liquid that frequently requires pumping. The petrochemical industry is responsible for converting crude oil into more valuable products. Pipelines play a crucial role in transporting the crude oil, the necessary reagents and the various end products, often at high temperatures. Among the many centrifugal pumps for sale are models that are ideally suited for this type of application. Because these units can withstand high temperatures, one may also use them to circulate hot water, providing heat to accelerate chemical reactions.

Power generation is yet another vital application that makes widespread use of pipelines and pumping equipment. Coal and oil-fired power plants and nuclear reactors all rely on steam to drive the turbines that provide the rotational energy for their generators. The steam is produced in boilers that receive their feedwater via a pipeline and one of the various centrifugal pumps for sale designed for this purpose. The agricultural sector is the biggest consumer of water. Not surprisingly, it also employs more of these devices than any other industry, predominantly to operate irrigation systems. In addition, they form vital components of motor vehicles and aircraft, circulating lubricants and providing hydraulic power to operate brakes and other controls.


Prochem is a leading pump supplier and manufacturer

Prochem is a supplier of international brands, including Ebara, Oberdorfer and Finish Thompson. The company is also a local manufacturer of world-class products, offering several types of centrifugal pumps for sale for domestic and industrial use.

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