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What are the Limitations of Centrifugal Pumps?

From chemical handling processes to water treatment and varying fluid transfer, our range of centrifugal pumps for sale offers industries the benefit of selecting the perfect pump for a specific application. When selecting a pump, it is important to consider the type of fluids that need to be pumped, as well as the intended cyclic activity of the pump. Different drives and technical designs are better suited for specific environments, so careful consideration of these factors is necessary. Our range of centrifugal pumps for sale has been designed taking into consideration that our pumps will be used for sometimes toxic, corrosive, and carcinogenic liquids, making them the ideal chemical handling pumps.


Simplistic and EfficientCentrifugal Pumps for sale

Every pump is designed to perform under certain conditions. Centrifugal pumps tend to be the most reliable pumps as their operating principles and fluid transfer dynamics remain the same, no matter how different their structural components may be.

  • The simplistic and efficient design of centrifugal pumps makes them the ideal choice for continual use applications.
  • With fewer moving parts, there is less routine maintenance.
  • As these pumps are used over a wide range of industries, they are manufactured in a variety of alloys, providing a longer service life, and offering high-corrosion resistance.
  • The higher efficiency of these pumps gives them a significant advantage in reducing costs over their lifespan.
  • They are intended for applications that require higher flows and lower viscosity fluids, being able to safely handle the transfer of fluids that other pumps can’t.
  • The choice of a mechanical seal or magnetic drive design adds to the versatility of these pumps, enabling them to cover a wide range of applications.
  • Offer exemplary reliability, strength, and stability when operating at varying temperature levels as well as when handling very high acid and alkali substances and solvents, including chemical slurries.


The Impediments of Centrifugal Pumps

The limitations of centrifugal pumps may come across as disadvantages. However, with the wide range of pumps that are available, it is best to know that the one selected suits the intended application. Should the incorrect pump be purchased, it could lead to operational failures.

  • The operating efficiency of centrifugal pumps relies on the constant high-speed rotation of the impellers, making them suitable for low-pressure and high-capacity pumping of liquids. High-viscosity fluids provide greater resistance and need to operate at a higher pressure to maintain specific flow rates, which negatively affects the operating efficiency of a centrifugal pump.
  • Centrifugal pumps are ideal for continuous-use applications which might be considered a limitation as they cannot run dry and must be constantly primed with the fluid being pumped.
  • As these pumps respond to variable pressure feeds, the consistency of flow rates may be affected, and fluid will be pumped out at responding variable rates.
  • Certain slurries, high-viscosity oils, and mediums that are sensitive to shearing can cause excessive wear or overheating, or damage the impellers.


Quality Centrifugal Pumps for Sale

Ideally situated on the East Rand, we at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers have been designing and manufacturing pumps and pumping equipment for over 30 years. Although our principal range lies in chemical handling pumps, our centrifugal pumps for sale include filtrate pumps used for water filtration and circulation. We have expanded our range to include gear pumps, air-operated double diaphragm pumps, and submersible pumps. Contact us and we will assist you in finding the right centrifugal pump for your requirements.

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