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Suppliers of Centrifugal Pumps in South Africa

When it comes to researching the correct type of pump for transferring large volumes of liquids, you might notice that there are several to choose from. While some pump types are designed to trap the liquid in a cavity and then force it through a discharge point, centrifugal pumps make use of rotating impellers, creating negative pressure to move the liquid through. We at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers are here to make sure that the one you select is suitable for the quantities of water that need to be moved.


Comparatively Compact Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are an integral component of pumping systems that need to transfer large volumes of water, making them ideal for irrigation and water-treatment facilities. With each pump uniquely designed to handle varying viscosities, temperatures, and flow rates, at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers, we suggest that you carefully consider your requirements before selecting one. Some advantages of our centrifugal pumps include:

  • They are manufactured with fewer moving parts, making it possible for them to be made from a variety of alloys to suit their purpose.
  • Maintenance is often minimal and relatively simpler than other pump types.
  • The simplistic design of centrifugal pumps makes them compact, taking up little floor space.
  • They operate at a high efficiency compared to other pumps, making them ideal for continuous applications.
  • Centrifugal pumps can handle liquids containing abrasive chemicals and solid particles.


Applications Requiring Centrifugal Pumps to Move Water

Whether used as a process or utility pump, our centrifugal pumps are the mainstay for numerous industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our pumps come into their own when applications require the pumping of lower-viscosity liquids at higher flow rates.


Water-Treatment and Processing Plants

Centrifugal pumps are typically used at water-treatment plants to move water from one location to another or to circulate it within a plant.

  • In water filtration, centrifugal pumps can provide the necessary pressure to push the water through efficiently at high flow rates.
  • The simple but robust design of these pumps together with their non-corrosive properties makes them ideal for disinfecting water.
  • Desalination plants rely on centrifugal plants to move large quantities of water through filtration systems to remove salt and impurities. This is critical in making seawater fit for human consumption.
  • There are some instances when these pumps are used in high-pressure washing systems for cleaning surfaces and pipes within the plant.

When water quality needs to meet specific standards, our range of centrifugal pumps can be relied upon.



Farmers require a constant supply of water at high flow rates for crop irrigation. Through a lifting motion, centrifugal pumps help to move water from reserved water stores, such as reservoirs and dams, up and out into irrigation systems. Often, these pumps are used with submersible pumps, ensuring that irrigation systems work effectively, even during times of drought.

Playing a pivotal part in mining dewatering applications, removing accumulated water from the bilge of a ship, and firefighting, to name a few, centrifugal pumps are vital elements of any water-pumping system.


Your Trusted Pump Supplier

Ideally situated in Gauteng, we have been manufacturing and supplying pumps and pumping equipment to several industry sectors in South Africa. For general water supply, our closed-coupled range of pumps with their corrosion and wear-resistant material far surpasses those of any competitors. When it comes to investing in pumps for water systems, contact your trusted manufacturer and supplier, Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers.



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