Chemsteel Pumps Range

Top Applications of CHEMSTEEL Pumps

As a leading manufacturer of chemical and related pumps in South Africa, we have extensive experience and knowledge regarding the top brands and the best units for specific applications. We are thus in the perfect position to partner with and choose to supply superior quality equipment from top brands, such as Oberdorfer. To this end, we introduce the wide range of applications possible with Oberdorfer CHEMSTEEL™ pumps.

Why Oberdorfer CHEMSTEEL Pumps?

The units are specifically manufactured from materials that are corrosive resistant. This is essential for pumping liquids of a corrosive nature. The gear pumps are made for high pressure pumping and exceptional precision. The superior precision control of the CHEMSTEEL™ pumping technology ensures that the system is not contaminated while the liquid that is transferred or pumped stays pure.

These gear pumps feature robust designs. The through-bolt assembly makes it easy to replace parts. As such, maintenance on these units is also hassle-free. The units come with helical gear systems, which ensure low-noise operation. What also sets the units apart is the bi-directional operating capability. This is particularly valuable when it comes to situations where reverse-flow operations are needed.

Where the CHEMSTEEL Pumps Are Used

These units are used in agricultural, food and beverage, oil and gas, water treatment, marine, and general industry operations.

In agriculture settings, the gear pumping systems are often mounted to tractors for pumping chemical spray over the grazing areas to keep the livestock free from pests. The same units can be used for spraying chemicals at high speed over fruit trees in a mist form. Everything from herbicide spraying to aerial spraying for mosquitoes fall within the application scope. The units are frequently used for the drying of produce, such as cotton in heating and humidity control applications.

These units are also widely used in the food and beverage industries because the pumping systems are designed to prevent situations where seals fail, and contamination occurs as a result. The units are applied for applications, such as food preservation, making cream, filtering syrups, and injecting brine.

The Oberdorfer gear pumping units are also used in water treatment applications in mines, car wash systems, and at paper milling operations. The brand is well-known for their diesel transfer systems. Wherever purity of the liquid is imperative, you can rely on the pumping systems from Oberdorfer because of the precision control designs of these pumping units. The housings and the gears are made from corrosive-resistant and highly durable material. The shafts are, for instance, made from 303 stainless steel. The bearings are also made for long service lives, ensuring low-cost of ownership for the full lifespan of each unit.

When it comes to the petrochemical industry, equipment breakdown is simply not an option. Reliability and leak-free operation are essential. To this end, you will once again appreciate the quality and precision control of the CHEMSTEEL™ pumps from Oberdorfer as available from us. The brand’s pumping units are, furthermore, well-suited for drawing water samples from waste areas for the purpose of analysing the water content.

In Conclusion

Whether you require pumping units to remove wastewater, want to remove condensate, or need precision control for chemical transfer, you can rely on CHEMSTEEL™ pumps. Get in touch for more information about these and other superior-quality pumps to meet your application needs.

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