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The Main Features and Primary Applications of Drum Pumps

Many fluids are delivered in large bulk containers to manufacturing and processing plants, making it difficult to transfer the contents for use. Drum pumps easily attach to these containers and have been specifically designed to facilitate the safe and effective transfer of harsh and corrosive media. As the leader in chemical handling pumps, we at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers supply the Finish Thompson series of drum pumps, ideal for numerous industrial transfer and testing applications.


Finish Thompson Drum PumpsHow Do Drum Pumps Work?

Consisting of three primary components, drum pumps, also referred to as barrel pumps, have been designed to cater to varying types of liquid transfers. The motor section houses the immersion tube, which is often sealed to the top of the container. The pump is attached to the lower end of the immersion tube where the pumped liquid is driven up between the sleeve and the tube to a discharge port that is situated just below the motor. Different-length tubes cater to the various container depths, as well as the media being pumped.


Main Features of Drum Pumps  

As the components of drum pumps will be in direct contact with the fluids being transferred, it is imperative that the wetted parts of the pump are resistant to corrosion and safe to use at higher operating temperatures, especially when flammable fluids are involved. Finish Thompson’s series of drum pumps offer immersion tubes that have been specifically designed to handle a wide variety of fluids, including higher-viscosity fluids.


Portable Fluid Transfer Solutions

The unique design characteristics of Finish Thompson drum pumps create an efficient and effective solution for several applications:

  • For applications that require constant media transfer, the portability of these pumps makes it easier for them to be moved to several locations.
  • As no complex gears or high voltage is required to operate the pumps, standard power outlets can be used.
  • Not only are they effective for large batch transfers, but drum pumps are also ideal for small-batch chemical delivery use.
  • The high flow and delivery head of the pumps allow for the quick transfer of fluids, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Drum pumps are ideal for applications that require the safe transfer of highly corrosive materials, such as chemicals, whilst maintaining safety standards.
  • FDA compliance makes these pumps ideal for use in the food and beverage industry.
  • Lower decibel levels improve noise reduction, especially when used in close proximity to public areas, such as medical facilities and aquariums.
  • The size and portability of these pumps make them ideal for use in water-treatment plants as they can test the chemical levels, water purity, and other measurements in multiple sections of the plant.

The double-suction centrifugal and axial flow impellers on Finish Thompson drum pumps allow for the transfer of fluids at high flow rates and high discharge pressure, making them surprisingly powerful for their size.


Leader in Chemical Handling Pumps

Since 1987, we at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers have been designing and manufacturing pumps and pumping equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of chemical pumps suitable for the most demanding applications and harshest environments. Our services range from entry-level water pumps to the most state-of-the-art technology in the pumping industry. Contact us and we will gladly assist you in finding the right model pump for your specific requirements.

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