Drum Pumps for Sale

Drum Pumps for Sale: How to Safely Transfer Liquids

Knowing which pump unit to purchase for your particular application needs is essential before you browse for drum pumps for sale. To help you make an informed decision, we briefly discuss the basics of the equipment, also known as rotary or barrel pumps.

Main Purpose

The rotary units are used for the safe transfer of liquids from one storage unit to another without spills. The drum pumps for sale are made for mobility and ease of use.


The three main components are the pump, the tube, and the motor. The rotary units have features, such as tubes that reach the full depth of the container and fit perfectly onto the top of the barrel or drum to which the liquid is transferred.

The pump has a motor at the top of the tube’s vertical shaft. The impeller is located at the bottom of the tube. It is a suction pump in the sense that the liquid is sucked up the vertical shaft through the discharge port of the tube into the unit whereto the liquid is transferred.

Why One of The Rotary Pumps as Opposed to Another Type of Pump?

The rotary units are made for mobility whereas most other types of pumps are for stationary placement and usage. With the design for portability, the units we offer for sale are lightweight, ensuring easier usage at the location where needed.

Where the barrel from which liquid must be transferred is too heavy to safely tip over without spilling the liquid, a more suitable means of liquid transfer is needed.

In the agricultural industry, feedstock is often stored in large containers. Tipping these types of containers over to transfer liquid requires special machinery or extremely strong workers. The process is risky, with spillage almost a given. Also considering the danger it poses to workers should they lose their grip on the container, and it becomes clear that a better solution is required. This is where the drum pumps we offer for sale are the perfect solutions.

Of course, in many instances, the liquid to be transferred are hazardous. In such instances, it is imperative to prevent spillage. The rotary pump systems enable safe transfer without spillage. Skin contact with the fluid can also be avoided.

In Essence, The Pump Units Thus Allow For:

  • Safe transfer of liquid from one container to another
  • No spillage transfer
  • Usage in the field where needed
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Maximum portability because of the lightweight design
  • Usage in many types of industries
  • Elimination of the need to tip over larger barrels for transfer of the media

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