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Drum Pumps: A Safe and Efficient Way to Transport Liquid Substances

Drum pumps, also known as barrel pumps, are portable devices that are efficiently and safely able to transfer fluids and chemicals from drums, storage tanks, and barrels. They are placed on top of the barrel or drum and enable the easy removal of liquids without users having to manoeuvre and tip heavy equipment or risk chemical-substance spills. Drum pumps range in size and style, depending on users’ needs and can be found in an array of popular industries, including chemical factories, manufacturing companies, automotive shops, processing plants, and more. They are even utilised in the healthcare industry for procedures such as kidney dialysis.

Their uses are thus vast and they offer an efficient way to transport a number of substances, from medical adhesives to fruit-juice concentrate. Before deciding what drum pumps would best suit your industry needs, it is important to understand how they work.

The Logic of Drum Pumps

These devices are used in industries that work with large quantities of liquid. The liquid is usually stored in heavy barrels that hold up to 200 ℓ of a given substance. The barrels are thus incredibly heavy and difficult to access. These devices make it easy to transfer high volumes of liquid and enable users to do so in a safe and efficient manner. They also allow for the safe transfer of harmful substances such as chemicals, detergents, flammable liquids, or solvents and thus protect those working in industries where these substances are used.

The basic mechanics of drum pumps include a motor, an immersion tube, and the pump at the bottom of the device. The immersion tube fits through the opening of the barrel containing the liquid that needs to be moved and the device is then used to extract the liquid from it. Substances flow through the sleeve and out of the discharge port, which is located near the motor. Different models offer different levels of viscosity and can handle different temperatures and substances. Thus, the one you need is industry dependent and it is always worth chatting to us to find out which model will work best for your needs.

Drum pumps ultimately allow users to dispense liquids into the new container in a fast and effective way and this results in the easy and safe transfer of any liquid. Our Finish Thompson Inc drum pumps come in four popular ranges and each suits specific needs. Popular picks include:

  • PF Series: These sealless models are known for their high performance. The double-duction impeller is able to provide a high flow of liquids and these devices are used to handle acids, chemicals, flammables, and caustics. The PFS model can handle temperatures up to 220 °C and has a maximum electrical viscosity of 2000.
  • EF Series: These models are also sealless and boast amazing value. They are an economical pick for light jobs and are a good replacement model for hand pumps. These work well for light acids, plating solutions, cleaners, solvents, and diesel exhaust fluids. These models have a maximum electrical viscosity of 300 and the EFS model can handle temperatures up to 212 °C.
  • TT Series: These sealed models offer medium viscosity and flow. They are well suited for transporting liquids that have small particles in them. They work well for paints, solvents, inks, food products, and sodium hypochlorite and have a maximum electric viscosity of 500.
  • BT/HVDP Pumps: These models boast a high-viscosity design and are a brilliant choice for resins, oils, glycerine, lotions, shampoos, bath gels, juice concentrates, adhesive, and waxes.

We also sell a number of accessories that work well with drum pumps. These include:

  • Flow metres that are able to dispense exact amounts;
  • Discharge tubing (available in PVC, EPDM for diesel fluid, or reinforced PVC);
  • Nozzles to control the flow of liquid;
  • Strainers that filter substances and prevent foreign materials from entering new containers;
  • Wall-mount brackets for easy storage;
  • Drum adaptors; and
  • Air hoses.

Contact us today with all your queries and concerns and we’ll gladly help you find the perfect model for your needs. We pride ourselves on customer service and believe in durable products that are built to last. Let us be your number one solution when it comes to finding the best pump for your industry.

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