Durable Ebara Pumps

Save Energy with the Durable Ebara Water Pumps for Domestic and Industrial Applications

As a well-established and trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pumps and related equipment, we understand the importance of quality and durability. Japanese technology has long been trusted because of the precision manufacturing and superior functionality of industrial equipment from the country’s manufacturers. As a South African-based firm with a history dating back to 1987, we have developed a proven track of excellence. When we thus, as part of our comprehensive product portfolio, supply Ebara pumps with their superior Japanese technology, we do so with pride and confidence.

The Ebara brand is known for their superior-quality domestic and industrial water pumps. Their slurry units have gained popularity in the agricultural, mining, and domestic industries because of the state-of-the-art technology embedded in the machines.

The brand’s slurry units, for instance, are easy to disassemble, straightforward in operation without the need for special equipment or more than one operator. The units are also energy efficient and feature exceptional durability.

Choosing the right slurry unit entails knowing the percentage of mud to water, the distance for pumping the mud, and specific sludge type to handle. To this end, you will appreciate our expertise in helping you to choose and install the right selection of Ebara pumps for your particular operations. The slurry units are also used in construction, pit, and processing applications.

The brand is also known for versatile and reliable units that boast superb performance in applications ranging from HVAC to moving water from boreholes. The submersible pumps have superb corrosion resistance, which is essential given the environments where these units must operate. The efficiency of the units is already remarkable, but with the option of inverter technologies, it is possible to save money and make the units even more energy efficient. If you want equipment that can also boost your firm’s sustainability profile, then the Ebara brand is the answer.

As mentioned, the brand has made inroads in the agricultural sector as well. The PRA range of peripheral pumps are well-suited for small water flow at high pressure as needed in boiler feed systems. The CDA two-stage cast-iron units come with twin impellers for low flow at high pressure, also suitable for domestic and boiler feed applications.

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These are only a few of the Ebara pumps on the market. Get in touch for more information about the range available through us to meet your specific application needs.

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