Ebara Pumps for Sale are a Cut Above

Why Ebara Pumps for Sale are a Cut Above the Rest

Originally established as a small pump manufacturer in Japan, for over 100 years, Ebara Pumps have perfected their technology and taken it to new heights, elevating it to the globally recognised pump that it is today. Proud to be associated with the Ebara brand, we at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers offer a range of Ebara pumps for sale that are ideal for operations that require continuous use applications and that need to endure harsh environments.


When Reliability Counts

The range of Ebara submersible pumps has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of water transfer and drainage. In water-treatment facilities, these pumps are relied upon to move the water from one tank to another to remove pollutants from the water and purify it. As not all applications are the same, drainage pumps require different technical and design considerations. Offering the best possible performance for water movement, vertically and horizontally, and ensuring highly reliable operations sets Ebara Pumps apart from the rest.


Seamless Technology

Amongst the plethora of Ebara pumps for sale are the highly efficient surface pumps. For these pumps to have the non-corrosive qualities that they do, the moulding technique for the outer stainless-steel casing needed to be seamless. To achieve this, Ebara turned to the process of hydroforming, which uses increased fluid pressure, pushing the stainless steel to copy the shape of the template until it comes into contact with the internal walls of the mould. Combining the pressure of water with that of a press has the advantage of producing a perfectly smooth outer casing with no welding points. This increases the pump’s efficiency drastically.


Robust Surface Centrifugal Pumps     

The Cl Ebara surface-centrifugal electric pumps with hydraulics and double or single radial impellers make this range of Ebara pumps for sale ideal for clean water applications. The Cl Ebara centrifugal pumps are completely moulded in AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel through the hydroforming process, guaranteeing the strength, durability, and high-performance levels of these robust pumps. The mechanical seals have the advantage of high wear resistance and oxidation resistance. With flow rates from between 1.2 to 15 cubic metres per hour, depending on impeller choice, these surface centrifugal pumps are perfect for continuous applications such as small irrigation and evaporative towers to name a few.


Industries that Benefit from Ebara Pumps

Being fully immersed in the liquid being pumped, using submersible pumps is the most efficient way of pumping liquid from a large body of water. They are ideal for most applications where excess water needs to be moved from lower- to higher-lying areas, such as:Ebara Pumps for Sale - Submersible Pumps

  • Drainage
  • Slurry pumping
  • Sewage treatment
  • Fire fighting
  • Mine dewatering
  • Irrigation

Surface centrifugal pumps are generally used to transfer liquids from one point to another and are mostly used in industries such as:

  • Chemical industry
  • Water-treatment plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Paper mills
  • Power plants
  • Food-processing plants


Where to Find Ebara Pumps for Sale

For the best quality Ebara pumps for sale, consider getting a quotation from Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers. We provide customers with professional, independent, and unbiased input in pump management, equipment analysis, and product recommendation, assisting customers to enhance run times and increase efficiency. With over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of pumps and pumping solutions, you can rely on us for expert advice and quality service. Contact us and we will assist you in purchasing an Ebara pump for your specific requirements.

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