The Quality of Ebara Pumps

Ebara Pumps – Providing Long-term Durability

To meet the needs of growing communities, it is necessary to find water pumping solutions that are sustainable. Not only must they provide consistent pressure and support water demand, but they must be able to save money and energy in the long run. Whether the water pumping system is needed for slurry activity in mining, removing excess water from homesteads and building sites, manufacturing of consumables or running a household, finding the correct solution that suits the specific application is important. From surface-centrifugal to in-line pumps, Ebara Pumps are suitable for a range of sectors, including residential, industrial, commercial and agricultural. Engineered to handle a wide variety of materials and applications, Ebara is fast becoming the brand to use for most pump management solutions.

Different Types of Water Pumping Solutions by Ebara PumpsEbara Pumps - Submersible Pumps

The main purpose of water pumping systems is to move water from one area to another. Where excess water is a problem, specifically in areas where there is a lot of rain and where construction is done in flood zones or beneath groundwater level, submersible dewatering solutions are needed.

When it comes to circulation and water heating systems, such as air conditioners, in-line pumping systems are used as the flow of fluid does not change on the inside. Therefore, these systems are considered best for hot water applications as they can withstand high temperatures.

Vertical multi-stage pumping systems are compact and silent making them ideal for residential and industrial applications. They are an excellent solution for high-performance applications and the hydraulic unit’s build enables them to achieve a high liquid pressure.

Whether used for rainwater or wastewater, for separating solids from liquids, or for keeping you warm or cool, ensuring that you choose the correct water pumping system will make a big impact.


Exceeding Demanding Applications

Ebara Pumps can withstand harsh environments and are corrosion resistant as they are made from cast iron and high-grade stainless steel. Due to their versatility, they respond well to a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Ebara 304SS and 316SS stainless steel range of surface centrifugal electric pumps have radial impellers and hydraulics. A hydroforming process ensures that the pumps’ components are strong, efficient and, above all else, reliable. They are suitable for various uses, from domestic pressurisation to small irrigation, and water treatment plants to evaporative towers and can handle clean water, in general.

Compact, Silent, Efficient and Reliable

Ebara Pumps are practical and easy to use making them ideal for use as a fixed or mobile installation on sites. As a choice of submersible pump, Ebara is considered the best as it has a maximum immersion depth of up to 5m depending on the model chosen. The efficiency and reliability of Ebara Pumps are enhanced by its ability to use inverter technology systems to generate energy and save costs when running the system. It also improves its environmental sustainability. The possibilities offered by Ebara Pumps are endless. View our Ebara  Pump range here.

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