Number 1 Choice for Centrifugal Pumps for Sale

Prochem Chemical Pumps – Your Number 1 Choice for Centrifugal Pumps for Sale

Centrifugal pumps for sale are a popular pick for those needing to transfer liquids, and they are utilised in a vast range of industries and applications. Our centrifugal pumps for sale are specialised devices that are created to transport fluids by means of converting rotational kinetic energy into hydrodynamic energy. The energy is rotated by the driven rotors inside the machine. These are also known as impellers. As the fluid enters these impellers, it is cast outside by the centrifugal force. A wide range of industries and applications make use of centrifugal pumps in order to transport fluids from one location to another. Some of these key industries that use our centrifugal pumps for sale include:

  • Municipal departments
  • Wastewater plants
  • Agricultural industries
  • Power generation plants
  • Mining industries
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Petroleum factories
  • Chemical plants

Benefits of the Centrifugal Pumps

There are a number of amazing benefits that come with purchasing one of the centrifugal pumps that we have for sale, beyond our well-known quality of product and customer service. These devices are able to handle large quantities of liquid, offer industries high flow rates, and are able to adjust the flow range as needed over wide ranges. They are ultimately created to handle fluids with lower velocity, and are thus able to pour effortlessly between the two locations, much like water, or very light oil.

Viscous fluids might need a pump that is driven by additional horsepower in order to effectively transport liquids. If you are unsure of what you might need, we will gladly be of service. When enquiring about items, it is always a good idea to specify your specific needs and applications. If you need to pump liquids at high temperatures, it is also imperative to specify this as you might need alternative components or features to ensure the ultimate success of the project at hand.

Like most models, our products for sale come in a range of sizes and capacities. Chat with us about your application needs, and we can advise on the best size and model for you specifically. We have worked with a myriad of industries and can, thus, share our expertise with a number of clients from different professions.

Why Choose Us for Centrifugal Pumps for sale and Other Products?

Our firm has been in the business of pumps since 1987, and thus have over 30 years of experience to our name. We are key players in the pump industry and are renowned for quality design and manufacturing. We pride ourselves on designing and building pumps that boast durability and superior quality. Our team is committed to giving outstanding customer service every time.

Our diverse models are created to fit a number of applications and industries. The models for sale include everything from entry-level devices to state-of-the-art designs. Whether you are looking for centrifugal pumps or chemical pumps for sale from our main range, we have what you are looking for. All of our pumps that handle chemicals are manufactured from specialised thermosetting epoxy resin and other pumps are created with materials such as Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Hastelloy-C.

Centrifugal pumps can be utilised for both water and chemical applications and our range has been updated to include air operated double diaphragm pumps, submersible/sump models, and gear models. We also offer an array of other services, including:

  • Pump management input.
  • Analysis of equipment.
  • Recommendation of products for your particular application and needs.

Where to Find Us

If you would like to find out more about our centrifugal devices for sale and other services and pump models, then it is time to get in touch. We are located on the East Rand, a mere 10-minute drive from OR Tambo International, and are thus easy to find and accessible. Visit our physical premises if you are in the vicinity and chat with us about your needs. Alternatively, give us a call on +27 11 392 1800 or send an email to Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries that you may have. We are more than happy to advise you on the best products for your needs and offer our expertise. We are passionate about the pump industry and cannot wait to share our knowledge with you today.

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