Prochem Dosing Pumps

Prochem Dosing Pumps: The Best Way to Inject Chemicals Into Water, Steam, or Gas

Dosing pumps are specially designed devices that are able to inject chemicals and other substances into gas, steam, and water. They are often small pumps and are able to provide users with a very specific flow rate, which offers the operator total control. Dosing pumps are utilised in a variety of industries and are a critical component of any type of dosing system. Dosing systems are equipment which allows for the automatic injection of chemicals and substances into wastewater networks and they depend on dosing pumps for ultimate accuracy. Thanks to the precision of our dosing pumps, users can obtain exact flow rates every single time – and this allows for total accuracy every time as well.

Our range of Prochem non-metallic, epoxy-resin pumps is characterised by durability and great resistance to chemical damage. They are also able to withstand abrasives found in fluids and thus our variety of models, including our dosing pumps, boast durability and strength. Our products offer clients a cost-effective solution and enable them to avoid the hefty costs associated with devices that use exotic metal alloys. Nonetheless, the reduction in costs does not take away from their effectiveness. Our range allows customers to utilise a well-priced product that can withstand the harsh effects of numerous chemicals and substances. Here at Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers, we combine great value with high quality and this is why we have been in the business for over 30 years.

How Dosing Pumps Work

Dosing pumps are able to extract an exact amount of liquid or a specific chemical substance into their drawing chambers and then inject a specific amount of the extracted substance into water, gas, or steam. They run on either an electric motor or an air actuator and are controlled by an in-built control system that is able to switch the pump on and off and control the flow as needed. The key components of these devices include:

  • The container or tank that holds the substance that needs to be dosed;
  • The pump;
  • The injector where chemicals are injected;
  • The dosing line, which is often made of stainless steel or PVC; and
  • The control system that manages the device and ensures that it works optimally.

Why You Should Choose Prochem As Your Number One Solution

We have been in the business of pump design and manufacturing since 1987 and are thus well versed in making durable and effective pumps that get the job done. We have a comprehensive selection of chemical pumps available and our equipment has been created to fit even the most demanding of applications. With over three decades of experience under our belts, we are a company who has stood the test of time and continues to give our customers exactly what they want. We also offer our customers support when it comes to using their equipment and offer additional services such as pump management, the analysis of equipment, and product recommendation. We serve a diverse range of industries, including:

  • Brewing and distilling;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Agriculture;
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Textile;
  • Precious metal refining;
  • Water and sewerage;
  • Desalination plants;
  • Paper and pulp manufacturing; and
  • Steel and wire manufacturing.

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