Prochem’s long-coupled pumps of the H Mark II Series are of end-suction, back pull-out design conforming to DIN 24256. Thermosetting corrosion- and wear-resistant materials are used for all components that may come in contact with aggressive fluids. The long-coupled pump has been designed for heavy-duty, permanent-fixture applications found in most chemical and industrial plants.

Long-Coupled Pumps - Long-Coupled Pump Range

Long-coupled centrifugal pumps have a coupling between the pump shaft and motor shaft and are very popular because the motor and pump can be serviced individually without disturbing the entire pump set / assembly. This is a major benefit, especially when dealing with the larger, more powerful models. In addition, the motor bearings are much better protected from seal leaks that may occur in the pump’s seal cavity because there is a bearing housing on the pump between the pump seal cavity and the motor shaft and bearings. However, long-coupled centrifugal pumps require careful coupling alignment when assembled and after installation in the field.


Where traditional materials are unable to offer an acceptable service life, Prochem’s long-coupled pumps are the preferred equipment. They can be used for nearly anything, whether it is the transportation of water or even highly corrosive chemicals under adverse conditions.


The end-user benefits from Prochem’s immense experience in designing and constructing the toughest chemical-handling pumps in the business, thanks to our use of the CPR, BR, and BL synthetic thermosetting resins that are reinforced with various fillers. The resultant pumps offer exemplary strength and stability, even when operating at temperatures as low as -20ºC and as high as +120ºC. They, maintain their integrity, reliability, and low vibrational characteristics, while being unaffected by both very alkalic and very acidic substances and solvents, including chemical slurries. In addition, the equipment is not only lightweight, but do not support bacterial growth and are non-galling, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. Importantly, they can be steam sterilised. Prochem pumps have proven themselves to be best in class in terms of durability and price when compared to rival suppliers of rubber-lined, coated, or unlined pumps made from engineered plastics such as PFA, FEP, PTFE, CPVC, ECTFE, PE, and PVC. Prochem pumps are the ideal alternative that provides superior performance and lower cost than pumps made from exotic alloys such as titanium and Hastelloy.



Corrosion-resistant, epoxy resin chemical pumps


Non-metallic wetted parts


DIN 24255 / 24256


40+ models


Horizontal, long coupled, back pull-out design


Sliding arrangements, heavy-duty bearing housing


Semi-open impeller


Flow rates up to 1 200 m³/hr
(5 283 GPM)


Heads up to 140 m (460 ft)


Temperatures up to 130 °C
(266 °F)

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