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A Closer Look at the ProMinent Metering Pumps for Sale

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of metering equipment and a wide range of chemical handling, filtrate, and centrifugal pumps in South Africa, we also offer ProMinent pumps for sale. With a history dating back to 1987, we have, over the years, expanded our product range to also include gear range, sump, and air-operated double diaphragm pumps from top brands in the industry. To this end, we take a closer look at the metering pumps for sale from the ProMinent brand.

Metering Units – How Do They Work?

Most of the metering types work with oscillating displacement technology that entails the drawing in of a precise volume of the specific fluid into the pump’s displacement section with the reciprocal stroke. The compaction stroke forces the liquid into the metering line where precision measurement is possible. This is possible because of microprocessors used for monitoring.

More than a million ProMinent pumps are in use around the world, indicative of the widespread trust in the brand.

ProMinent has a wide range for sale, including ones with capacity for thousands of litres per hour as used in the process systems and units with precision metering capacity for small volumes suitable for usage in laboratory settings.

The range includes everything from peristaltic and plunger metering units to diaphragm and hydraulic diaphragm metering types. The brand offers everything from motor-driven to solenoid-driven and pneumatic metering pumps.

ProMinent Solenoid-Driven Diaphragm Metering Units

The units range in capacities and back pressure specifications. To this end, consult with our sales team to help you choose the appropriate unit for your application. These units can ensure control of flow rate for a wide range of fluid chemicals. They work through technology that allows for a magnet to move the solenoid shaft through an on and off switch process. The movement of the shaft transfers the fluid to the closing head where the diaphragm is located. To prevent the chemical liquid from flowing back during the pump process, the unit is fitted with non-return valve technology. It is possible to adjust the rate and length of the stroke. The adjustment changes the capacity of the pump.

These ProMinent solenoid-driven diaphragm metering units can handle up to 75 l per hour and are used in applications, such as potable water treatment plants to measure the disinfectants, metering of additives in plastic production plants, and metering of corrosion inhibitors in cooling circuits, to name only a few of the applications.

ProMinent Motor-Driven Units

These pumps are made to be durable and operational without full-time monitoring. These units have adjustable stroke rates and lengths through changes in the motor speed. The metering types in this range work with electric motor technology where the rotation of the motor is converted into a linear stroke action, using a cam. The slid rod is what transfers the movement to the closing head where the diaphragm is located. The units also boast the two-valve non-return system of the solenoid-driven types.

The ProMinent pumps for sale in this range can handle fluid at over 1 000 l per hour. The pumps are used in the paper and plastics industries for metering additives, the metering of disinfectants in potable water treatment plants, in cooling circuits, and for metering applications in wastewater treatment operations.

Exceptional accuracy, flexibility because of stroke and motor adjustments, and low-cost in operation are some of the advantages offered.

ProMinent Peristaltic Metering Units

These units can handle from 10 ml per hour to as much as 410 l per hour. The units are made to be durable and to handle many types of chemicals. The pumps work through technology that entails the compressing of a tube between the housing for the liquid and the roller drive with the rollers. The liquid is forced through the closing head whereafter the hose, through which forced, relaxes. It then lines up to produce negative pressure for the next pumping cycle.

These units are also used in wastewater and potable water treatment plants, the metering of additives in food processing plants, in cooling circuits, and in the paper and plastics industries.

The ProMinent metering pumps as for sale through us are widely used across several industries for precision metering. Get in touch for help in selecting the unit that fits your particular application needs.

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