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The Quality of Ebara Pumps

A pump is a vital piece of mechanical equipment which is used to move liquids from various levels or fluids from low- to high-pressure areas. They play a crucial role in industrial, commercial and agricultural processes by delivering an end product that is safe for consumption or use. The trick is to find one that has corrosion-resistant properties, is highly efficient, can withstand the toughest conditions and offers durability. By choosing Ebara pumps, you will find a quality pump that encompasses all these requirements and so much more.

The Technicalities that Make EbaraEbara pumps Products - Chemical Handling Pumps

Surface pumps need to perform at high efficiency rates. The quality of performance needs to go hand-in-hand with the quality of the material. During the manufacturing process, the body of Ebara pumps goes through a process known as hydroforming.  This process uses high-pressure fluid to form the metal. With increasing pressure, the hydraulic fluid pushes the stainless steel to copy the shapes of the mould until it comes into contact with the internal walls.

Hydroforming, which combines the power of the press with the power of the water, has significant advantages over traditional design methods leaving perfectly smooth and seamless surfaces that are high flowing without welding points. This ensures high corrosion resistance, high efficiency, increased levels of performance and reduced losses during the manufacturing process.


As the name suggests, this process is used mainly in the construction and mining industries where water has to be removed from an area. The easiest way to do this is through the use of pumps. Ebara pumps are designed to meet the tough challenges in construction sites, tunnels and mines. Their compact and robust design combined with high capacity and abrasion resistance makes them the perfect choice for efficient handling of dirty water.

Ebara is Cutting-edge Technology

Ebara’s range of in-line pumps offers a wide selection of products suitable for use in HVAC systems. They can be used by a small floor heating system and by large installations for hospitals and high-rise buildings both in the primary circuits and the secondary rings for hot- or cold-water distribution. In terms of materials, technical characteristics and performance, they offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

Optimum Use

Through the use of inverters, the reliability and efficiency of Ebara pumps can reach maximum levels, and, at the same time, the operation and protection of the systems are optimised reducing the noise and vibrations related to the opening of thermostatic valves.

Industrial Applications

The uses of pumps in the industrial sector are vast and include moving chemical substances, large volume fluid management and using strong abrasives. Made from stainless steel, Ebara pumps are non-corrosive which means that they are able to be used in the harshest of industrial applications and can be exposed to different environments without affecting the production process.

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Choosing the Best, Supplied by the Best

As proud suppliers of Ebara pumps, Prochem Chemical Pump Manufacturers provide products to the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors that will stand the test of time. We believe in offering clients unbiased input when it comes to pump management, equipment analysis and product recommendations. Contact us to discuss the solution that best suits you.

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